Jesús Miguel Soler Rodríguez

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Born in Monzon, Huesca (Spain), September 1955.


Department of Architecture, University of Technology in Valencia (Spain).

The Promotion’s Center of Spanish Art; Madrid (Spain).

High School of Architecture, Madrid (Spain).

Practice in studio of painter Hidalgo de Caviedes; Madrid (Spain).

Sculpture in Academy of Art in La Massana; Barcelona (Spain).


National Award of Art “Alfonso IV” (Portugal)

Member of Portuguese Academy Ex – Líbris.

Member of Portuguese Academy of Literature and Art.

Bachelor of the Royal Fraternity of Saint Michael from Ala (Portugal).

Commader of the Royal Merit of Fraternity Saint Teoniusza from Évora (Portugal).

Commader of the Military Order of Saint Sebastian. Sintra (Portugal).

Title of Doctor Honoris Causa of Academy of Art given by Academy of Saint Stephen of Jerusalem – Academy of Art , Literature and Sao Paulo University of Art (Brazil).

Member of Preste Joáo Institute (Ethopia).


Author of book, “Chaos in Modern Art”(2004).

Monographic museum of artist. Castillo de Yeste. Albacete (Spain).

Author of medal, “National Award of Peace”. Alcobendas (Spain). Symphatetic events such as painting of pictures with children from UNICEF in Hall AVE at the Station Santa Justa in Sevilla as well at the Station Puerta de Atocha, in Madrid. (Spain).

Artist taking participation in celebrations of Bicentenary of Uprising “The Second of May”, Fundation Móstoles 1808-2008, Madrid.(Spain).

Author of book “Anthology and reasons of the event of The Second of May”.

Key to the city of Yestre, Albacete (Spain)

Key to the city of Sintra (Portugal)

Key to the city of Pedasí (Panamá)


Down´s Syndrome. Panamá Hotel (Panamá)
Children´s in Pedasí (Panamá)
Children´s in Chitré (Panamá)



  • Moscoso Museum of Pedasí. Panamá
  • National Art Fair. City of Panamá
  • Casa Club. Madrid (Spain)
  • Casa de Campo. Pedasí (Panamá)
  • Ocean Properties Pedasí (Panamá)
  • Guayacanes, Chitré (Panamá)
  • Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. Madrid (Spain)
  • Bohemian Space. Pedasí (Panamá)
  • Casco Viejo Room, Ministry of Culture. City of Panamá


  • Casa de Campo. Pedasí (Panamá)
  • Ocean Properties. Pedasí (Panamá)
  • Panamá Hotel. Ciudad de Panamá


  • Casa de Campo. Pedasí (Panamá)
  • Ocean Properties. Pedasí (Panamá)
  • Bohemian Space. Pedasí (Panamá)


  • Gallery Corner. Pedasí (Panama)
  • NH Collection Eurobuilding. Madrid (Spain)
  • Gallery Gogh. Quito (Ecuador).


  • Casa de Vacas. Reina Sofia Award. Madrid (Spain)
  • Gallery Klatka , Varsaw (Poland).
  • Gallery Gogh. Quito (Ecuador).


  • Abierto Espacio Cultural. Fundación Iberoamerica-Europa. Madrid (Spain)
  • Interburgo Wonyou. Seul (South Korea)
  • Gallery Gogh. Quito (Ecuador).


  • Quito,s International Fair, (Ecuador).
  • Gallery Ciricha, Punta del este,(Panamá).
  • Gallery Klatka , Varsaw,(Poland).
  • Gallery Atuczara , Quito,(Ecuador).
  • Gallery Gogh , Quito,(Ecuador).


  • Gallery Klatka, Varsaw, (Poland).
  • Chaco Art Fair, Chile.
  • Gallery Ciricha, Punta del este, (Panamá).
  • Gallery Atuczara, Quito,(Ecuador).
  • InterUrban Space, Seul,(South Korea).


  • Gallery Ciricha, Punta del este , (Panamá).
  • Interburgo Seul , (South Korea).
  • Gallery Klatka, Varsaw, (Poland).
  • Machala,s Fair , (Ecuador).
  • Gallery BWA , Pila , (Poland).
  • Gallery La Sala Santiago, (Chile).


  • Space Maison Extrême
  • Gallery Prado. Daegou. (South Korea).
  • Songdo-dong.Yeonsu-gu. Incheon. (South Korea).
  • Interburgo Wonyou. (South Korea)
  • Gallery Klatka . Varsovia.(Poland).
  • Gallery Zamojska. Zamosk. (Poland).
  • International Art Fair of la Toja. Pontevedra. (Spain).


  • Shopping and Leisure Centre ESPACIO LEON , Leon (Spain)
  • Regional Courts of Castile and León , Valladolid (Spain)
  • Gallery Cristina Chacón, Miami ( USA)
  • Gallery Último Piso, Quito (Ecuador).
  • Centre of Spanish Culture (Cervantes Institute) ,
  • Daegou , ( South Korea) Ardo Gallery ( South Korea)
  • Cinema Kino Muranów, Warsaw ( Poland)
  • Municipal Library of Minsk (Poland)
  • Gallery Klatka , Warsaw(Poland)


  • Gallery Último Piso, Quito (Ecuador).
  • Gallery of Art Santiago Casar, Santander. (Spain).
  • Fundation Fernández-Pirla. Panama City . (Panama)
  • Fundation Fernández-Pirla. Pedasí. (Panama).
  • Gallery Cage (Klatka). Warsaw. (Poland).


  • Municipal Auditorium in Majadahonda. Madrid. (Spain). Congress Palace in Tres Cantos, Madrid. (Spain). Culture Center Julián Besteiro in Leganés, Madrid. (Spain).
  • Centre of Art Pablo Picasso in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. (Spain).
  • Esfera Alcobendas, Madrid. (Spain).
  • Culture Center in Pinto, Madrid. (Spain).
  • Center of Art, Benavente, Zamora. (Spain).
  • Culture Center Matadero, La Lonja, Madrid. (Spain).


  • Diocesan Museum in Barcelona. (Spain).
  • Seat of Parliament Castilla and León, Valladolid. (Spain).
  • Madrid Recykluje. Sculpture Exhibition in Parku Retiro, Madrid. (Spain)
  • Alicante Recykluje. Sculpture in Puerto, Alicante. (Spain).
  • Station Chamartín, Metro in Madrid. (Spain).
  • Casa de Vacas, Park Retiro , Madrid. (Spain).
  • Culture Center Matadero, La Lonja. Madrid(Spain).
  • Station Atocha, Madrid. (Spain).
  • Culture Center Vírgen del Cerro, Madrid. (Spain).
  • Center of Art in Parla, Madrid. (Spain).
  • Museum of City, Madrid. (Spain).


  • Organisation of workshops for Association of Down’s syndrome People for children cancer ill as well. (Spain).
  • The Word Bull’s Fairs , Palace of Exhibitions and Congressess-Sevilla (Spain).
  • Center Adarve – Madrid (Spain).
  • The European Parliament, ,, Between man and bull”, Brussels (Belgium).
  • The Royal Museum of Coins and Stamps – Madrid (Spain).
  • The Paintnig Gallery de Almonte “ The Jubilee of 50-th anniversary Juana Ramona Jiméneza”- Huelva (Spain).
  • The Municipal Center Medina de Rioseco – Valladolid (Spain). Baron’s Place Warsage, Calatayud, Saragossa (Spain).
  • The University Museum in Alikante (MUA), Alicante (Spain).
  • The Royal Castles in Sevilli (Spain).
  • Recycling –Huelva (Spain).
  • Fundation Caja Rural del Sur-Huelva (Spain).
  • Museum of Modern Art in Móstoles -Madrid (Spain).


  • The Congerss Palace, Hospital in Santiago Úbeda, Jaén (Spain).
  • The Royal Castles –Exhibition The World of Bull’s Fight– Sevilla (Spain).
  • The Royal Castles –Exhibition for Peace – Sevilla (Spain).
  • The Regional Palace – Division in Jaén – Jaén (Spain)
  • Hall AVE. The Statin Santa Justa- Sevilla (Spain).
  • Fundation Caja Rural in Granada (Spain).
  • Basilica Chiados. Lisbon (Portugal).
  • The Royal Castles in Jerez ,Kadyks (Spain).
  • The Castle in Oropesa. Toledo (Spain).
  • The Municipal Office in Móstoles Madrit (Spain).
  • The Regional Museum in Jaén (Spain).
  • Fundation Cajamar. Málaga (Spain).
  • The Paintnig Gallery in Almonte. Huelva (Spain).
  • Palace Sementales. Baeza. Jaén (Spain).
  • Palace Regaleira. Sintra (Portugal).
  • International University Antonio Machado. Baeza. Jaén (Spain).
  • Hall AVE. Station Atocha-Madrid (Spain)


  • Castle in Aldealseñor. Soria (Spain).
  • Castle in Yeste. Albacete (Spain).
  • Fundation Cajamar. Málaga (Spain).
  • Castle in Peñíscola. Castellón (Spain).
  • Fundation Caja Rural del Sur Huelva (Spain).
  • Museum of Fundation Chabrera. Sevilla (Spain).
  • Center of Art Caja Rural in Toledo (Spain).
  • The County’s Winery Bollullos. Huelva (Spain)


  • Museum Orbegoso in Trujillo (Peru).
  • Museum of Modern Art in Arequipa (Peru).
  • The National Museum in Lima (Peru).
  • The National Culture Institute in Cajamarca (Peru).
  • Caja Rural in Toledo. (Spain).
  • Gallery Espalter. Madrid (Spain).
  • Caja Rural in Granada. (Spain).
  • Fundation Metrópoli. Alcobendas (Spain).
  • Madrid Financial Club (Spain).


  • Gallery Escudero. Lisbon (Portugal).
  • Fundacja Schlegel. Badajoz (Spain).
  • The Diocesan Museum. The International Forum. Barcelona (Spain).
  • Fundation Guayasamín. Quito (Ecuador).
  • Museum Guayasamín. Havana (Cuba).
  • Institute Montalvo in Ambato (Ecuador).


  • Domus Varius Gallery of Art. Lisbon (Portugal).
  • Club of Art. Madrid (Spain).
  • Gallery Alfama. Madrid (Spain).
  • Castel Ourem of the Portuguese Royal Family (Portugal).


  • Baslica of Saint Carol and Ambrose’s – Rome (Italy).


        • International Association of Peace Messangers, Peru
        • Children’s Association with Autism, Madrid
        • Association of Parkison Sick Person, Móstoles (Madrid).
        • Municipal Office in Alcobendas (Madrid).
        • Basilica of St.Ambrose and St.Carol Rome (Italy).
        • Parliament of Castilla and Leon.
        • Division in Jaén.
        • Fundation for the Vietnamese Children Education, Sevilla.
        • Fundation Ángaro, Proyecto Hombre, Jaén.
        • Fundation Atlántico, Madrid
        • Fundation Cajamar, Málaga.
        • Fundation Caja Rural de Granada.
        • Fundation Caja Rural del Sur, Huelva.
        • Fundation Caja Rural de Toledo.
        • Fundation Chabrera, Sevilla.
        • Fundation Metrópoli, Alcobendas, (Madrid).
        • Fundation Prodis (Madrid).
        • The Oncological Hospital in Havana (Cuba).
        • Institute Montalvo (Ecuador).
        • The Nayional Institute of Culture Cajamarca (Peru).
        • Institute Preste Joáo (Ethiopia).
        • Out of Goverment Organisation The Small Children, Murcja.
        • The Paintnig Gallery in Almonte, Huelva. (Spain).
        • UNICEF, (Spain).



        • Bullfighting Museum. Plaza de Toros, Madrid (Spain)
        • Museum in Alicante (MUA). (Spain).
        • Museum of Art. Castellón. (Spain).
        • Municipal Museum in Móstoles, Madrid. (Spain).
        • Diocesan Museum in Barcelona. (Spain).
        • Museum of Fundation Schlegel, Badajoz. (Spain).
        • National Museum of Art in Havana (Cuba).
        • Museum of Santa Cristina d’Aro ,Girona. (Spain).
        • The Royal Museum of Mint and Post. Madrid. (Spain).
        • Museum of Bulls’ Fight, The Bulls’ Battlefield in Linares (Jaén). (Spain).


      • Museum of Alfonsa IV In Ourem (Portugal).
      • Museum of Art. inArequipa (Peru).
      • Museum of Hall in Sintra (Portugal)
      • Museum of Guayasamín Fundation (Ecuador)
      • Museum Orbegoso, Trujillo (Peru).
      • Museum of Nation in Lima (Peru).
      • Museum of Bulls’ Fight for the Charity in Lima (Peru).